How to Pass a Synthetic Urine Test

Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a mixture of water and other organic and inorganic components which are made artificially for laboratory use. It contains almost all the properties that make up the human urine. Synthetic urine is mostly used as a substitute for human urine for those who want to pass a urine test.

Some of the organic components found in the synthetic pee and also available in human urine include urea, uric acid, and creatinine. The inorganic components include sulfates, phosphates, and ammonia. Synthetic urine has the exact levels of pH and gravity as the normal urine. It has become common with most people who are subjected to such tests for them to qualify for specific tasks.

You can get fake pee if you want to see your urine test go through smoothly. The urine composition of a person can be affected by their genetic susceptibilities, and this may tamper with the outcome of a drug test. Synthetic urine is used in various other areas apart from drug tests.

Those who manufacture diapers can use it to test the quality of their products, or it can even be usedFake Pee Sample for urine therapy. One surprising fact about the synthetic urine is that it is legal in most states. You can buy and use it at your free will. There are several things you should take note of for a successful test. Here is how you can pass a synthetic urine test.

Proper mixing

You should mix all the components of your synthetic urine accurately before dropping the sample. When you buy the kit, you will be given appropriate instructions on how you should go about it. Mixing it before going for a test will help improve the results of your test. Doing so will help you come up with the right results for your test.

Use a reliable brand

Urine SampleYou should go for a brand that is genuine or well-grounded when it comes to the production of fake urine. This is because they do give out results similar to that of the normal human pee.  Most testing companies have great mechanisms used to detect fake urine. Reliable brands are always keen on their products and will work on producing something perfect for their buyers.

Checking the temperature levels

Ensuring the temperature of your fake urine matches that of the normal urine is vital for any test. It is among the simple ways of convincing those conducting the test that it is real urine. Before going for that test, you can warm it by putting it in your microwave for a few seconds. This will provide it with the right temperature as you go for a test.0…